Floating Composite Decking North Shore

A floating deck is the latest innovation in commercial decking whereby the deck material is installed on a stable aluminium frame over a waterproof membrane. The frame is lightweight and incredibly strong and the framing system allows permeability of rainwater. Perfect for commercial buildings, multi-level and rooftop, age care facilities, hospitals and multi-level residences.

Composite decking timbers are a high-quality combination of wood fibre and recycled materials which deliver the ultimate low maintenance, hard wearing, premium finish.

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A floating deck is the latest innovation in decking. It’s a type of construction using floating tiles built on a frame, making this a decking solution that is suitable for a vast range of situations.

A floating deck doesn’t need to be fixed to a wall of your property, plus it’s very stable, strong, and durable. It can even be moved to a different location if required. Plus, if you choose a composite material, your new deck will require minimal maintenance.

At NFL Construction, we are the experts in floating composite decking, sourcing the best products from leading suppliers in NZ. Each member of our team is skilled and experience, plus they are all fully certified.

Furthermore, we keep our prices for the construction of floating decks affordable. To find out more, please contact us today.

Floating Composite Decks

A floating composite deck is installed on a stable aluminium frame. This is what gives the deck such a high degree of stability and strength. In addition, the frame is built over a waterproof membrane.

The frame is also lightweight as well as being incredibly strong, while the framing system ensures the efficient draining of rainwater.

The composite decking timbers we use at NFL Construction are a high-quality combination of wood fibre and recycled materials that create the ultimate low-maintenance, hard-wearing, premium finish.

The result will be increased living space in your home as a floating composite deck that can be used all year round. Given the popularity of decking, a well-constructed deck can even increase the value of your home.

Plus, a good quality deck made from the best materials will improve the appearance of your outdoor spaces. To find out more, please contact a member of our team today.

Floating Deck Tiles Auckland

An alternative to composite decking materials when getting a floating deck is to get the deck made from tiles. The process of building a deck with tiles is similar, i.e. the deck is still built on an aluminium frame. Instead of installing composite wood planks on this frame, however, we install specially made tiles.

You can choose from a wide range of tile styles and appearance, all of which have a premium and luxurious finish. Plus, as floating deck tiles are specially engineered and manufactured, there is no need for grouting or sealing. As a result, the installation process is faster.

Not only will you have a fantastic looking deck, but your deck will also require minimal maintenance.

To find out more about the floating tiles option for your new deck, please contact us today. Get a Quote

Whether you want a floating composite deck, or a floating deck constructed with tiles, contact us at NFL Construction. If we have a rough idea of the dimensions, we’ll be able to give you an estimate over the phone. We’ll then be able to arrange a visit to your home to give you a full quote. Please call us today on 0211450236.

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